I haven’t posted in six weeks.  It’s not because I have nothing to write about.  Rather it’s that I have been extraordinarily busy, mostly in my search for employment.  Fortunately and I do mean fortunately it looks as if the search is drawing to a close.  I’m ready to put my shoulder to the wheel for the right people, the right project.  It’s much harder to find a job in numerous ways when trying to be selective.  It is apparent to me now that, in addition to testing my fortitude, it will pay in the long run.  I hope to share more information as my hunt officially comes to an official resolution.  Namely because I am bubbling with excitement over it.

What I can say is, is that the future is here.  I mean really here.  I mean it in more ways than one.  As in, the technology of the future is now here, and it can bring more of the future into the present.  That means the future is *really* here.