Hypothia is the name of my new venture. Hypothia is a new organization dedicated to innovation leveraging the power of text mining and advanced analytical strategies for vertical domains. Hypothia aims to release a set of next-generation information tools with the ultimate goal of replacing search with generation.

The shift from information retrieval (IR) to information generation is a subtle yet revolutionary shift in the way we interact with information.

On this blog I hope to discuss various strategies, technologies and general ideas that might contribute to this paradigm shift. As Google moves away from a business strategy of innovation in IR to a strategy of product/service diversification, they create a tremendous opportunity for everyone else to invent the next best solutions.

I have a number of core interests with respect to text mining. I believe in the concept of know thy data. Hence I believe that myriad complexities in text mining can be reduced and application usability can be maximized by concentrating in specific problem areas. Most of my own work has concentrated in health, from drug discovery to consumer health to clinical diagnosis. I also have a fascination with applying mining strategies to other areas, such as content management, commodities forecasting, real estate pricing analysis, and even sports analysis.

If you wish to learn a little more about me, please see my personal page (http://patrickherron.com). You can find additional information about my previous academic research on my text mining co-op search page (http://proximate.org/tm) and you can learn more about my creative writing and publications on my writing bio page (http://proximate.org/bio).